Responsible Data

On 19 February, the International Data Responsibility Group (IDRG) will host the second annual International Data Responsibility Conference in The Hague. This meeting brings together experts and practitioners working with data for crisis-affected communities and the most at-risk populations worldwide. Through presentations by a variety of experts and several interactive workshops, participants will explore the potential risks and harms that could be caused by using this data, and ways to prevent these from materializing.

The IDRG is a global network of experts and organisations working on the principles and standards needed to guide the Data Revolution in the context of humanitarian action, sustainable development and peace & justice. Its members seek to build an authoritative knowledge platform to enable responsible experimentation on the release, processing and use of data. The IDRG is designed as a networked platform, supported by a secretariat in The Hague.

Participation in the conference is free of charge. Check the location and more info on the website of IDRG.