aenarete’s mission is to make Airborne Wind Energy a success story! With small-scale “Wind Drones” and models.


aenarete is founded in 2015.
Our mission: “Make airborne Wind Energy a success story!”


  1. Develop reusable products for larger airborne wind energy (AWE) companies. Currently, that is “ARIANE”, our fast and reliable wireless link and “ATHENA”, a flight control computer for wind drones up to 5 m wingspan.
  2. Develop a small scale wind drone for private use and developing countries, in particular in India and Africa. The nominal power will be 1.4 kW, the wingspan 2 m and shall fly in about 80 m height.

Currently we are two control and electrical engineers and a business manager. We have one aerospace engineer as a freelancer and students as interns.

Our markets:

  • Companies in NL and Europe like e-kite (NL) and TwingTec (CH)
  • In the future private customers and NGO’s will be our customers as well

Small-scale wind drones are portable, that means they have a total weight of less than 30 kg and can harvest as much energy as 240 kg of solar panels. So they are suitable for remote locations, but also for mobile applications like camping or boats. We are member of the “Young Energy Specialists and Development Co-operation” YES-DC, based in Utrecht.