We are a number of young architectural engineers and we are very passionate to put our knowledge into practice.


Artitect is a young, dynamic and growing company. We are a number of young architectural engineers who are all very passionate about putting their knowledge into practice. Of course, we know that building is not cheap. That is why we use very attractive tariffs to lighten the costs of construction.

Artitect stands for quality, service, and customization. We value personal contact with our customers. This means that we pay a lot of attention to the demands and wishes of the customer. Combining your wishes with our qualities will result in wonderful projects.

During the realization of our designs and the preparation of our reports, we take sustainability into account. In this way, we give new and old buildings a (new) sustainable life. In short, for Artitect, it’s about sustainable living and building a better world with sustainable buildings through innovative solutions.

You can contact us for various activities and for new construction projects as well as renovation projects. It can be the (re) building of an expansion, an entire house or an office building. At Artitect there is no standard, each project is executed as a unique project.