We provide sustainable digital solutions that empower science. By building high quality reusable digital components that can be used in various ways, we innovate science.


Digital solutions for science are hard to get funded and if funding is available it is often short term rather than long-term. In order to be able to provide long-term digital solutions for science these solutions need to be self-sustainable.

Eyra consists of the company Eyra Leap and the foundation Eyra Nova. The Eyra Ecosystem is based on a circular economy business model, which focuses on high quality long-lasting solutions for science and re-using as much as possible in order to reduce waste of time, energy and resources.

Eyra works in an Agile way, which means that we work towards a minimal viable product (MVP) as soon as possible, to acquire feedback and test what works and what doesn’t, in order to be able to learn as we go and navigate in the right direction.

Are you interested? Don’t hesitate to contact us (connect@eyra.co) or follow us on LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/company/eyraco)

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