HumanSurge connects (verified/local) aid workers for an enhanced joint response to ever-growing humanitarian needs.


HumanSurge seeks to address ever-growing humanitarian needs by strengthening and increasing the (local) response capacity. With our humanitarian schedule system, we facilitate connections for thousands of individuals and organizations and making more latent capacity visible.

New rapid connections are leading to (south-south and north-south) deployments, enabling aid workers to save, protect and support more lives in the aftermath of disasters. Verification of (local) aid workers´ profiles promotes quality in interventions and further accelerates recruitment processes.

We aim to be the go-to source for humanitarian job seekers, and by verifying profiles and utilizing reference checks, the hiring process can be streamlined and there can be a faster response during a humanitarian crisis.

A faster, more trusted hiring process ultimately leads to a quicker humanitarian response; which is to the ultimate benefit of the affected populations.