Masterpiece is a luxury designer rental service, a type of clothing library where you rent clothes instead of buying them.


There are many reasons why renting dresses is a good idea.

First of all, by sharing clothes and therefore, making maximum use of existing clothes, we need altogether less clothing. The garment industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world. The industry is partially contributing to massive overproduction. About 30% of all made clothing is never sold. This is incredibly sinful. Masterpiece, therefore, rents exclusively stock and sample collections which are apparel from previous seasons that can not be sold, despite being beautiful new clothes. Through these clothes available to reset again, we reduce waste.

Masterpiece rents designer clothes from expensive brands. This clothing is costly and expensive to purchase. In contrast, renting is much more affordable. For a fraction of the retail price, Masterpiece customers wear real eye-catchers and special pieces! You can easily borrow and share clothes – more beautiful items at your disposal. You can wear special items, endlessly combine and change them.

Rent Masterpiece is possible in two different ways. It is possible to rent a separate item for a week for a party, conference or meeting. Alternatively, customers can also opt for a subscription. In this way, the customer opts almost entirely to rent beautiful pieces instead of buying clothes. In this case, customers pay a fixed monthly fee and can therefore carry six different items, which is always three in their possession. After a period of one month, they return the clothes and they can choose out new ones.

We are Suzanne Vermet-Reijgersberg (34) and Lieke van Schouwenburg (33). We started Masterpiece at the beginning of 2019. We have always been fashion and clothing enthusiasts. After a long dream to start “something” ourselves, we decided to delve into the industry. This, however, did not fit quite as well with us as we thought. The industry is extremely polluting and we did not wish to contribute. This is when we came up with Masterpiece. The aim of our company is to make use of existing clothing and therefore actively contribute to more sustainable fashion industry.


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