On Tuesday, March 15th, the main stakeholders of the BID think tank come together to work on practical solutions and inspiring best practices in the areas of talent and employment. In cooperation with, amongst others, the City of The Hague, VNO-NCW, New Dutch Connections and Vluchtelingenwerk.

On DOEdag, people from government and companies collaborate to achieve a breakthrough and to give a positive impulse to the Dutch society. The purpose of the day is to convert problems into opportunities. This is done by achieving 100 apprenticeships for 100 people who are accompanied by 100 coaches and breaking 10 restrictive rules.

This day is a start, we start with one hundred and share practical experiences with entrepreneurs, research institutions and politics to achieve a practical approach that can spread all over the Netherlands. Entrepreneurs, research institutions and the government are the ones to move this forward.

Would you like to contribute to the opportunities? Anyone who is willing to help create opportunities with their organization, can join via

BID (Big Improvement Day) is organized on each third Tuesday of January. BID is a movement that unites current and future decision makers in the fields of business, science and government. On this day of positivism, the opportunities and breakthroughs that give an impulse to a better ‘BV Nederland’ are explored.

Hans van der Kooij, CEO Caesar Groep: “Dit initiatief laat zien dat het positivisme zich niet beperkt tot die ene derde dinsdag in januari. In tegendeel: BID fungeert als de katalysator die Nederland jaar in jaar uit aanzet tot vernieuwen. Niet omdat het zo slecht gaat. Maar simpelweg omdat ons land nooit uitontwikkeld is. BID is een beweging, en het netwerk is tot grote dingen in staat.”