Big Data Innovation Event

On November 1st 2016, you are invited to participate in the Big Data Innovation Event in the Dutch Innovation Factory in Zoetermeer.


16.00h – Registration
16.45h – Meet Saskia du Bois-Schütz, the quartermaster of the Regional Big Data Innovation Hub, who will explain the plans for this hub. The Big Data Innovation Hub is the starting point for companies, startups and (educational) institutions in South Holland, focusing on e-health, self-care and digital security for  innovation, that have questions about innovative projects and research in big data.
17:00 – Keynote speaker is Bert Mulder (Lecturer Information Technology and Society at The Hague University) who will explain how his research group at the Innovation Hub applies Big Data in their research and how community members can make use of that.
17:30 – Connect to create: A brief explanation of what the Dutch Innovation Community can do for you in the coming year.
17.45h – Drinks

Do you want to know what your business can do with Big Data and what the Dutch Innovation Community can do for you? Sign up for this Big Data Innovation Event!