/dev/haag meetup #34

On Friday March 18th, /dev/haag is back in Nomadz. /dev/haag is a monthly meetup in The Hague, The Netherlands, that aims to bring together coders, hackers, artists, designers, UX specialists and other ‘makers’ from The Hague and beyond.

The following speakers will be present:

  • Matthijs Kamstra will introduce us to Haxe, a programming language with which you can target a whole range of platforms. This will be a gentle introduction to the Haxe toolkit: what is it? What can you use it for? What problems does it solve?
  • Alex Bertram will tell us about ActivityInfo and what it takes to run a Software-as-a-Service product with thousands of users around the world. It turns out that it takes a little more than setting up a box in the corner with a server on it…


This meetup has limited space so sign up quickly or add yourself to the waitlist.