Innovating Human Rights

How can we ensure that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is better observed? Come and join this HagueTalks with Navi Pillay, the former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.

Should we consider renewing the Declaration of 1948? And if so, what should it look like? Navi Pillay will give a brief talk on her international career and share her personal motivations and ideas for a more just world. Human rights expert Ilaria Bottigliero is also present for an initial response to Pillay’s talk. Come and join the discussion!

About the Speakers

  • Navanethem “Navi” Pillay is from Indian origin and grew up in South Africa during apartheid. She experienced a lot of racism, exclusion and poverty in her youth. In 1995, after the end of apartheid, she became the first non-white female judge in South Africa. She worked for the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, including four years as president. In this role she is best known for the judgment that rape and sexual assault in the context of Rwanda could be seen as acts of genocide. In 2008 she was appointed a judge at the International Court in The Hague. She stayed only briefly in this position, because she was appointed as the High Commissioner of the UN Human Rights in 2008.
  • Ilaria Bottigliero is Director Research & Learning at theInternational Development Law Organization (IDLO). She specializes in victim rights within international law.
  • Jeff Handmaker (Senior Lecturer in Law, Human Rights and Developmen the ISS) is the moderator.


The event is free of charge. Doors are open from 16:30-17:00. At 17:00, the event will start, to reserve a spot, go to:

Hague Talks organises this event in collaboration with the Humanity House. For more information about the Humanity House, visit their web site: