Vredespaleis Den Haag

Responsible Innovation for Sustainable Development Goals

Over the past months, the Technical University of Delft and “ImpactCity” the Hague have developed 14 vanguard research projects on the of theme ‘Responsible Innovation (RI) for the UN Sustainable Development Goals’ (SDGs)’. You are invited to participate in the main closing event.

Give your input on the next steps for these vanguard projects, and explore opportunities for collaborative funding.

14.00 Welcome by Jeroen van den Hoven
14.15 Introduction film
14.30 Delft Global – Nick van de Giesen
14.45 Project presentation
15.15 Break
15.30 Workshops Pilot projects
16.15 Closing/discussion results
17.00 Drinks

A central proposition of Responsible Innovation approach is that most societal problems and global challenges require a radically interdisciplinary solution, in which contributions from ethics, law and social science are integrated into the development of technical solutions and in which — vice versa — technical developments can also be applied in institutional interventions and governance with ethical, societal, juridical and economical goals.

Innovative solutions to global problems also offer corporate partners, entrepreneurs and start-ups interesting opportunities. The research therefore aligns well with the strategic research agendas of the departments of the Dutch government, the missions of a variety of international organisations in The Hague, as well as with research activities of the six Dutch universities which are active in the city.