AIESEC is the worlds’ largest youth led organisation. By offering a platform for youth to step outside of their comfort zone, AIESEC pushes young people to develop their leadership potential.


AIESEC was established after the events of the Second World War, with the purpose of ensuring that a similar event would never happen again. Her vision is to strive for Peace & Fulfilment of Humankind’s Potential. More than 70 years later, we are still contributing to this by facilitating exchange & leadership development programs.

For students: we assist you in finding the perfect internship for you! Whether you are considering voluntary work, teaching or are looking for a more professional internship in an international firm, we support you in your search. Next to that, we facilitate reflection- and coaching moments to further support you with your leadership development.

For companies: we assist you in finding missing international talent for you company. We specialise in bringing IT talent here, but also offer backgrounds in Business Administration, Marketing & Engineering.

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