Cloud Solutions helps its clients build their development teams (IT Recruitment) and protect their online public data from misuse (Bot Management).

Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions is a creative IT company. We help our clients with their digital transformation and building their development teams. Besides that we have developed our own software product, helping our clients to protect their online public data.

IT recruitment and secondment
Based on a shared passion for IT and people, Cloud Solutions specializes in IT recruitment and secondment. We do this for clients across the Netherlands, from large corporations to small start-ups. Our idea of recruitment goes beyond finding the right candidates. Because we have the IT knowledge ourselves, we know both on a technical and personal level what our clients and candidates need. During the process, we guide the client and the candidate and make sure that the person is central. In this way, we try to make a positive impact on the labour market.

Fairlane bot management
With our bot management product Fairlane, we help clients protect their online public data from misuse by third parties. We analyze website traffic using various technologies and detect desired (human) and undesired (bot) traffic. We then block the traffic of (automated) non-legitimate users to our customers’ application or website, without affecting Internet traffic by legitimate users.

Unit: 3.28