Visual Contracts helps diverse teams to apply Legal Design Thinking and create proactive visual contracts that help them make autonomous decisions.

Visual Contracts

Visual Contracts strives for an equal and just world.
By creating proactive visual contracts we build a
catalyst for a more human friendly just system.
Our visual contracts and co-creation approach
help build confidence in dealing with legal topics
and supports in making autonomous decisions.

Currently we operate from a custom Legal Design
Thinking approach, offering training, innovation support
and custom projects to create understandable legal
documents and services.

Our visual contracts PaaS (Platform as a Service)
solution helps multidisciplinary teams with creating
visual contracts together and test them with the
end-user. The platform supports lawyers, designers,
developers with the tools, process and mindset to
create such understandable and proactive visual
contracts. We start building our PaaS with visual
employment contracts.