All info for the community

All info for the community

Part of ImpactCity
in The Hague

Settled in startup hub
the Binckhaven

Hey There!

Here you will find a list with all kinds of relevant information for you as a community member in Apollo 14. Such as contacts, what you can find where, how to deal with the pantry and how to book the event spaces.

Contact persons 

  • Fransje de Gelder – For all your questions regarding the community, events and promotion of your business through ImpactCity channels. And when things are broker I’ll connect you to the right person:
  • Mark van den Broek – For all your questions regarding your contract:
  • John the housekeeper – For all your questions regarding the cleaning of the general areas and distribution of letter mail:
  • ZeroSpace – For your questions regarding internet and access passes:

Where is what?

  • The entrance to the bicycle parking space is at the far left of the building outside. Use your access pass to enter. Pull the red white cord to open the door out again.
  • Parking is possible in almost the entire Saturnusstraat (left and right from the Melkwegstraat) free of charge. There are a number of places where you are not allowed to park (due to exits) and there are a few paid parking places. You can stay in these paid places for a maximum of 2 hours from Mo-Fr 9:00am – 5:00pm. Outside these hours it is free to park your car.
  • The entrance to our own parking garage is accessible if you rent a parking space. For an explanation of how to get to the garage with your car, see this video.
  • In the parking garage we have a charging station suitable for two car.

The waste containers can be found on the ground floor. In the stairwell you see a door with “containers” on it. Here you can separate glass, paper and residual waste. Unfortunately, plastic is not (yet) collected separately.

Together Clean, safe and energy- efficient

  • You will find trash cans in the pantries on the yellow and blue floors. Glass, Paper, PMD (plastic, metal and drinking suits) and remaining waste. PMD can therefore be regarded as residual waste bin for the time being. These are emptied on Wednesday and Sunday evening. Are they full in between? Then please bring them yourself to the containers.
  • The dishwashers are for everyone to be used. Together we also take care of tidying up the dishwasher. Please remember to take a dishwashing block with you from time to time.
  • Coffee and tea leave nasty stains on the kitchen counter top. Throw your tea bag in the trash. If you have spilled, clean it with a dish cloth. They are in the cupboard and are washed every week.
  • Are you the last one on the floor? Then turn off the lights in the kitchen and let the door to the lift hall close. The door will be locked after 8 p.m., but anyone with a pass can open it 24/7.
  • The lights on the toilets also do not turn off automatically. So turn off the light after usage.

Events in Apollo 14

  • Apollo 14 has various rooms where you can organize your event or meeting. And as a community member, you get a 20% discount on the event space! Read more about the rooms and how to book here.
  • If you want to use multiple spaces, ask Fransje de Gelder about the possibilities.

Optimal support for startups

Impact startup location Apollo 14 is not just a gathering place for entrepreneurs working on a better world. Here, you have direct access to all kinds of service providers in the startup ecosystem.

ImpactCity office in Apollo14

ImpactCity is the startup and scale-up community of The Hague. And Apollo 14 is the hotspot where ImpactCity is tangible and visible in all its facets. We help innovative entrepreneurs to successfully start and grow. We open doors to investors and provide access to a broad business network, inspiring business locations, international trade missions, and competitions.

We believe that economic success and working on solutions for a better world go well together. We call this ‘doing good & doing business’. We support companies in doing business with an impact. The Hague is the first ImpactCity in the world.

ImpactCity can be found in unit 3.01 on the third (yellow) floor in Apollo 14.