Stichting Netherlands Advisory Board on impact investing (NAB) is a non-profit organisation aiming to accelerate the growth and improve the effectiveness of the impact investing market.

Stichting NAB

The NAB is devoted to catalysing Dutch impact-driven stakeholders to achieve the SDGs. By raising awareness on impact investing, addressing its barriers and co-creating solutions, and engaging with a broad range of stakeholders, the NAB thrives to mobilize impact capital where it is needed. The NAB is part of a global network of similar organizations – national advisory boards (NABs), grouped together under the Global Steering Group for impact investment (GSG).

The NAB plays a key role in creating cohesion and coordination among the Dutch impact investing ecosystem and liaising with public and private stakeholders, to build a common understanding of the opportunities created by an efficient impact investment ecosystem.

The NAB is action-oriented, collaborative and transformative, and aspires to become the prime Dutch platform supporting the impact investment industry and to be recognized as a leading centre of expertise in the sector.

Unit: 3.23