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Blockchain for Enterprises, Governments and Institutions

Blockchain – the most important driver of technological change for government, industry and society

Blockchain technology has the ability to increase secure data exchange for governmental bodies, various industries and the private sector. It also makes that data transfer simpler, more transparent and easier between entities.
Blockchain for Enterprises, Governments and Institutions is about the power of new technologies to transform ledgers as tools to record, enable and secure an enormous range of transactions, incorporating rules, smart contracts, digital signatures and an array of other new tools.
We want to solve the questions: What application of the technology? For what purpose? Applied in what way? And with what safeguards?

Communicating the opportunities

Informing, educating and inspiring potential stakeholders about the opportunities these new efficiencies and business models provide does come with a few challenges. In fact, one of the important purposes of this conference is to clearly communicate the significance to policymakers, industries, government and to the public. 
The first difficulty in communication is the strong association of block chain technology with Bitcoin. The second difficulty in communication is the bewildering array of terminology.
Therefore, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin will not play a feature role at Blockchain for Enterprises, Governments and Institutions. BECON’s mission is to demystify blockchain technology and provide crucial insight on how blockchain technology disrupts existing businesses models.  We look forward to welcoming you to our launch event on December 7!

Insights from the BECON LIST

We have been very busy collecting data and crunching numbers to compile a comprehensive list of nearly 1,000 Blockchain companies from all over the world. Our research will provide insights into solutions and tools on how governmental bodies, industries,  and the public are taking up Blockchain technology. Today we will launch this initiative.

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BECON is a global and cross-sector platform for collaboration, networking and advancing Blockchain industry solutions. Headquartered in Ireland, with local chapters across Europe and North America, BECON’s portfolio of events and publications demystifies blockchain technology and provides crucial insights on how blockchain technology disrupts existing business models.

BECON Mission

BECON’s key message is that – by fully understanding the technology – industries, governments and private sectors can choose the Blockchain design that best fits a particular purpose, balancing security and central control with the convenience and opportunity of sharing data between institutions and individuals