The Hague Humanity Hub

Grand Opening The Hague Humanity Hub

Discover and engage with the community of innovators in peace, justice and humanitarian aid.

After months of preparations, rebuilding and community workshops, The Hague Humanity Hub now is ready for their Grand Opening! It will be an interactive event.


14:00 Start registration (get your badge and program)
14:00 Demos and exhibitions
14:30-16:30 Various workshops (limited participation, get a ticket during registration)
16:30 Plenary program incl. member presentations, panel discussion, and speech by Deputy Mayor Saskia Bruines
18:00 Drinks reception


Innovating Justice Procedures
How can we design new justice procedures for reaching fair solutions for family or employment issues? HiiL’s interactive workshop explores how feelings, stress, chaos, and anger can be addressed by looking at what the needs are and then designing from there.

Data in Crisis
As much as data offers new opportunities, it also poses new risks in humanitarian work due to the vulnerability of the affected people. HumanityX and International Data Responsibility Group (IDRG) explain how to leverage the value of data while preventing harm.

Organisational Ambidexterity 
Organisations need to perform innovation activities on two levels: exploiting the existing value proposition and exploring new ones. The Center for Innovation calls this an ambidextrous organization and shares its insights on how large organizations can make innovation work.

Barriers and opportunities for the labor participation of refugee women
Only a disproportionately small amount of female refugees have successfully entered the Dutch labor market. She Matters invites you to join an inclusive discussion on the barriers and opportunities for the labor participation of refugee women. Special guests include organizations and the women who have lived these realities.

In the Makerspace
Can we build a prototype of an open source air monitoring device for outdoor usage by citizens in urban areas within 9 weeks? Wunderpeople is up to the challenge. You can join them in the Makerspace for this first program and we are eager to hear your ideas for future programs.

Innovation Connected
Discuss your innovative ideas and visions with a group of fresh minds! DCHI is providing you with the opportunity to meet new people during a speed dating session and discuss possible collaborations in smaller groups during the breakout sessions.


Did Evil Win? Klaas van Dijken, award-winning journalist and co-founder of Lighthouse Reports
“Did evil win?” is the question that journalists Klaas Van Dijken and Adriane Ohanesian asked themselves, and the world, after they illegally visited Darfur in 2015 and saw that the war and the brutal regime are still going strong. Their shocking material has been transformed into a captivating interactive online documentary: www.didevilwin.com. Klaas will be at the opening to tell you more about the background and making of the documentary, his trip, and the current situation on the ground.

Home, brought to you by Movies that Matter
What if the refugee journey were reversed? Daniel Mulloy’s award-winning “Home” is a 20-min short is intimate and thought-provoking, making its audience deeply consider the plight of the many migrant families, all over the world, looking for a better life. http://www.homefilm.org/press/