Demo Day

iMPACT Booster invites investors to join the iMPACT Booster Demo Day and is proud to present the companies. 275 entrepreneurs applied from 24 countries, and only 9 where selected. Throughout an intense programme of 5 months the companies have validated their proposition in their respective market. On Demo Day these 9 selected companies will pitch their business to a group of respectable impact investors.

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Apply here for the Demo Day.

iMPACT Booster, is a business accelerator program aimed at entrepreneurs (start-up and SME) with an innovative product or service, which they want to introduce in emerging markets. The goal of iMPACT Booster is to stimulate innovation in the agri/food sector and having an impact on the daily lives of thousands of people who live at the base of the pyramid (BOP) in emerging markets.

For the first program of iMPACT Booster 275 entrepreneurs applied of which we have selected the top 9 to participate. The first round started in February 2016 with a month of preparation for local validation at the New World Campus in The Hague. After this first month the entrepreneurs go to the country of implementation for a local hands-on validation phase of three months. Finally the entrepreneurs are back in The Hague for a final pitch preparation month in June, closing with Demo Day.