Corporate Bodies

Corporate Bodies explores organizations through the eyes of film makers. Greed, friendship, absurdity, power, sex, sexism, treason, compassion, surveillance, cluelessness, boredom, targets, hyper-bureaucracy, comfort, derailment, drugs, maddening dilemma’s, great successes, incompetence. See it at Corporate Bodies.

Corporate Bodies Film Fest is 3 days and nights (11+12+13 February) of films, talks, discussions, workshops, performances, music & more.

Steve Jobs, The Boss of it All, The Wolf of Wall Street, High & Low, The Naked, Executive Koala, The Hudsucker Proxy, Modern Times, Playtime, Surprise Films & much more.

Speakers: Steve Linstead (UK), Martijntje Smits, Pierre Guillet de Monthoux (SE), Frank Meester, George van Houtem, Esther Kroon, Gawie Keyser, Tom Mes, Witold Swietnicki (PL), Frans-Willem Korsten, Cynthia van der Zwan, and many more.

Where: Filmhuis Den Haag

When: 11+12+13 February 2016

What: for more details and tickets, go to