Nationaal Congres de Sociale Onderneming

Social Entrepreneurship is hot. But how do you shape it? Will companies that don’t consider to become a social enterprise miss the boat? During the conference, the Social Enterprise on December 6 in The Hague, we try to answer these questions.

CWI, Randstad, ONL, the Haeghe Group as a local player, but also Keurmerk Sociale Onderneming, FIRA, MVO Nederland with the Nibo network, Zinnige Zaken, Nederland Cares, Rabobank, Kamer van Koophandel en VNO NCW West provide best practices, but can also zoom in on matters that matter to you.

Get up to date in one of the five workshops. There you will see what you can do with your company. What are your chances. How to become a preferred supplier. With whom and where. What support is possible, financially but also in counseling if that’s needed.

Within a few hours you are able to take the first next steps.

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