Peace Philantropy Learning

How can philanthropists effectively support systemic change that leads to peace and justice for all? The Erasmus Centre for Strategic Philanthropy and the Carnegie Foundation are together organizing a participatory learning event on the contribution of philanthropy to preventing, mitigating and resolving conflict, and to building stable, resilient and peaceful societies.

The learning event marks the 100-year anniversary of the Dutch banker Johan G.D. Wateler’s bequeathing of his estate to establish the Carnegie Wateler Peace Prize awarded by the Dutch Carnegie Foundation. The 2016 award ceremony will take place after the learning event.

Participants will have a unique opportunity to meet with a diverse and international group of philanthropists, academics and representatives from foundations, government, civil society organizations, policy institutes and corporations. By discussing pioneering case examples with stakeholders and experts, we will acquire new insights and contribute to the identification of key themes and approaches for further learning on peace philanthropy.

Date and venue of the Peace Philanthropy Learning Event:

Wednesday 16 November 2016 from 9 AM till 4 PM

Peace Palace, Carnegieplein 2, The Netherlands

If you are interested in participating, please send a short email describing your motivation to: