TU Delft

Tech Deep Dive

The new operating system for our society will not be built by people who do the talking, but by people who do the coding.

That’s why Blockchaingers organizes this Deep Dive for software engineers, CTO’s, and all those interested to dive into the code, to be able to produce and understand the software that will solve an actual problem. So, make sure your fellow developers, engineers, coders and technical colleagues join you in attending the Blockchaingers Tech Deep Dive December 6th.

Together, we will thrust blockchain technology forward! At our 45 min decentralized Q&A, you can discuss your favorite platform with likeminded coders and experts. This is a unique opportunity as the Q&As will be epicentres of expertise of leading blockchain technologies. Please make sure your fellow coders, technical colleagues and CTOs are aware of this opportunity, so they can join the technological blockchain vanguard!