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Data for Nutrition & Food Security

In 2017, ICCO and 510 (Datateam of the Netherlands Red Cross) have carried out joint research and established a promising model indicating the level of food (in)security in Ethiopia. Also, 510 has explored with Sight and Life and DSM if they can collaborate on better understanding and prediction nutrition status of developing countries.

ICCO, 510, and Sight and Life intend to integrate the model into the Community Risk Assessment (CRA) Toolbox currently being developed by 510, enabling insight in both the current as well as the future nutrition status of target areas. The Community Risk Assessment and Prioritization toolbox collates open data on a set of vulnerability- and coping capacity indicators. When this is combined with hazard and exposure data, priority areas for humanitarian intervention can be identified faster.

You are invited to try the CRA tool yourself to see how it can be used in practice and to support the team in discussing the possible next steps. Bringing a laptop can be useful for this, but is not mandatory.

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